National AUTISM Team

The National Autism Team which is funded by Welsh Government and hosted by the Welsh Local Government Association, working in close partnership with Public Health Wales.  The team works closely with the Welsh Government, local ASD leads within local authorities and health boards, key stakeholders and advisory groups.

The Team works closely with, and co-ordinates regular meetings of the ASD leads forum.

As well as the resources available across the ASDinfoWales website, below you will find further information of work the team have undertaken and developed.

Our Annual Report 2017/18 and Work Plan 2018/19

The National ASD Development Team is pleased to publish two key documents underpinning the work of the team.

The first is an Annual Report for 2017/18 which reflects the work undertaken by the team and by key stakeholders in support of individuals with autism, parents and carers and professionals over the past year. The second is a work plan for 2018/19. Looking back, the Annual Report covers a considerable amount of work and the case studies breathe life into the work of the team and more significantly, of the ASD leads across Wales and the Integrated Autism Services as they develop. Looking forward, the Work Plan is an ambitious plan which builds on the foundations of the work in 2017/18. Five core work streams are identified and some of them will not be completed in one year, some things will just get started. We are confident though that they reflect what our partners have told us needs to get done.

We are particularly grateful to those colleagues and stakeholders across Wales who have been working with us to deliver the outcomes captured in the Annual Report and we look forward to working with them in the coming months to continue to increase awareness of autism and support individuals and their families and carers.

Please see click on the documents below to download and view these.

National Autism Training Framework for Wales

In response to numerous queries around the content of training for professionals working with individuals with autism, we have developed a training framework to help commissioners plan and implement training.  Based on the NHS Education for Scotland Autism Training Framework. Optimising Outcomes, (November, 2014) we hope that this will help to support consistency of training across Wales.

Please see click on the document below to download and view this framework.

ASD Consultation Summary Report

As directed by the Welsh Government ASD Interim Delivery Plan, during 2015 we engaged in a range of consultation activities with individuals with ASD, parents and carers.  This has provided us with really useful information about the current need and gaps in provision across Wales. The information we have gained will be used to inform the refreshed ASD Strategic Action plan for Wales.

This work has also informed part of our wider ASD Development Programme whereby we are continually developing resources, training and approaches to support individuals with ASD and their families, carers and professionals.

We have already begun developments which address some of the issues raised during the consultation activity such as a training programme for primary schools (Learning with Autism), training for those who support individuals to find employment (Working with Autism), training for Mental Health practitioners, a toolkit to support clinicians undertaking diagnostic assessment and a number of resources for parents and carers. These will all be launched during March of this year.

We would like to express our thanks to all those who took part, and have been kind enough to share their views and experiences with us.  Please see below the full report.


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