Social Communication Assessment Team (SCAT)


Referral to one of the following professionals, whichever you feel to be most appropriate to the circumstances: Educational Psychologist, Paediatrician (community) or Speech and Language Therapist.

They will consider your referral and may see the child to gather more information before making a decision about the appropriateness of a comprehensive assessment by the Social Communication Assessment Team (SCAT).


The SCAT meets monthly and they will collate the information from your referral and the above initial assessment and if appropriate will send out screening questionnaires to parents and schools to complete and return.


The assessment is carried out using a multi-agency approach and any of the following professionals could be involved:


Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service Team

Occupational Therapist

Speech and Language Therapist

Educational Psychologist

Social Worker

Learning Disabilities Nurse

Clinical Psychologist

There is a team in North and South Powys.


Two team members will then carry out their assessment to see whether the child is on the autistic spectrum and ensure their needs are assessed and dealt with in a timely manner.

The team members will meet with the parents/carer to discuss findings and feedback. Feedback will be given both verbally and in a written format by one or more of the team, depending upon the parental preference.

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